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Transgenic mice with elevated basal level of calcium ions in neurons as a model of agedinduced neurodegeneration of sporadic Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-Poland-NSC-Kuznicki-1213 Kuznicki, Jacek Poland - National Science Centre 2016
Search for new multifunction ligands affecting neurodegenerative processes (behavioral and metabolic tests, in vivo)
EUJPND-Poland-NSC-Malawska-1214 Malawska, Barbara Poland - National Science Centre 2016
Pharmacological studies of new benzisoxazolopropylpyrrolidine derivatives as multifunctional ligands with potential prokaryotic and antipsychotic properties (in vivo, animal models)
EUJPND-Poland-NSC-Marcinkowska-1215 Marcinkowska, Monika Poland - National Science Centre 2016
The role of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase and sirtuins in molecular mechanism of cell death. Identification of novel targets for Alzheimer's therapy.
2013/09/B/NZ3/01350 Strosznajder, Joanna Poland - National Science Centre 2014
Looking for the same pathological factors in ischemic brain and Alzheimer's disease;Genes
2013/09/B/NZ7/01345 Pluta, Ryszard Poland - National Science Centre 2014
Functional studies of rare genetic variants of genes caussally connected with Alzhemer's disease in the Polish population.
2013/09/D/NZ3/01348 Kosiorek, Michalina Poland - National Science Centre 2014
The influence of dimethyl fumarate on the spatial memory, neurogenesis, neurodegeneration and cerebral imflammation in the rat model of Alzheimer's disease .
2013/09/D/NZ4/01658 Majkutewicz, Irena Poland - National Science Centre 2014
Structural investigation of the active center of gamma-secretase and its interactions with selected substrates.
2013/09/N/NZ2/04404 Mylnarczyk, Krzysztof Poland - National Science Centre 2014
Functional, epigenetic and genetic aspects of base excision repair pathway in Alzheimer's disease.
2012/05/B/NZ7/03032 Sliwinski, Tomasz Poland - National Science Centre 2013
The role of acquired channelopathies in facilitationg post-traumatic epileptogenesis in APP/PS1 transgenic mice - an animal model od Alzheimer disease.
2012/05/N/NZ4/02500 Miszczuk, Diana Poland - National Science Centre 2013