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Biochemical Systems Theory Modeling of Alzheimer's Disease Using Mitochondrial Genes Involved in Amyloid Precursor Protein and Tau Processing
Virginia-Castora-2015 Castora, Frank|Coleman, Randolph State of Virginia 2015
Ultrastructural Neuropathology in Transgenic Models of Alzheimer's Disease
Virginia-Erisir-2015 Erisir, Alev State of Virginia 2015
The Neurophysiology of Driving Impairments in Early Alzheimer’s Disease
Virginia-Fernandez-Romero-2015 Fernandez-Romero, Roberto State of Virginia 2015
Investigating the Relationship between Benzodiazepine Medications and the Development of Blood Brain Barrier Dysfunction as Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease
Virginia-McRae-2015 McRae, MaryPeace|Slattum, Patricia State of Virginia 2015
Controlling Neuronal Sphingosine-1-Phosphate as Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy
Virginia-Santos-2015 Santos, Webster|Valdez, Gregorio State of Virginia 2015
Individuals with Dementia at Adult Day Health Care Centers: Examining the Effects of Individualized Music on Mood and Agitation
Virginia-Tompkins-2015 Tompkins, Catherine State of Virginia 2015
Molecular Mechanisms of Amylin as a Novel Contributor to Alzheimer’s Disease
Virginia-Xu-2015 Xu, Bin|Bevan, David|Wu, Ling State of Virginia 2015
Stroke Association/Chief Scientist Office Senior Clinical Lectureship - Fergus Doubal - A platform for patient focused trials to prevent cerebral small vessel disease
TSALECT 2015/04 Doubal, Fergus The Stroke Association 2015
Rapid Seeded Amyloid Amplification Assay to Assess TBI and Its Potential Linkage to CTE or AD
AZ150020 Hoover, Edward United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command 2015
Evidence-Based Mental Health Services for Distressed Post-9/11 Military Family Caregivers
AZ150022 Garand, Linda United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command 2015