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Investigation of reduced penetrance in ALS using ATXN2 and C9orf72 repeat genotypes
Al-Chalabi/Apr15/844-791 Al-Chalabi, Ammar MND Association 2015
Bioenergetic profiling of cellular models of motor neuron disease (MND) to identify new approaches for supporting motor neurone health.
Allen/Oct15/956-799 Allen, Scott MND Association 2015
ALS untangled: Global use of social networking tools to investigate alternative and off label treatments for ALS
Bedlack/Jun15/913-793 Bedlack, Richard MND Association 2015
Manipulation of C9orf72 dipeptide repeat proteins
Cheetham/Oct15/881-792 Cheetham, Mike MND Association 2015
Investigation of the dynamic structure and inhibition of aggregation of TAR DNA binding protein-43 The Tolworthy Studentship
Christodoulou/Oct15/882-792 Christodoulou, John MND Association 2015
The role of miRNAs in ALS and their use as a biomarker of disease progression
Greensmith/Apr15/839-791 Greensmith, Linda MND Association 2015
Identification of non-coding RNA biomarkers from serum and cerebrospinal fluid for use as biomarkers in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Hafezparast/Apr15/836-791 Hafezparast, Majid MND Association 2015
The role of low complexity domain mutations in RNA-binding proteins associated with Motor Neuron Disease pathogenesis
Hallegger/Oct15/959-799 Hallegger, Martina MND Association 2015
A longitudinal study of the evolution of language changes in Motor Neuron Disease (MND): Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging correlates of Language performance in MND
Hardiman/Oct15/879-792 Hardiman, Orla MND Association 2015
Structure-function studies of faulty proteins and their complexes involved in motor neuron disease
Hasnain/Apr15/833-791 Hasnain, Samar MND Association 2015