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Dimebon, a new drug for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: studies of the mechanisms of disease-modifying action.
116 Buchman, Vladimir Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
A novel mechanism for protecting neurones in Alzheimer’s disease
121 Peers, Chris Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
Blood based biomarkers of disease pathology in Alzheimer’s
122 Lovestone, Simon Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
Preclinical investigation of beta-amyloid mediated astrocyte glutamate transporter dysfunction: proof of concept for novel neuroprotective therapies in Alzheimer’s Disease
123 Marcus, Rattray Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
Investigating the translational control of genes involved in Alzheimer’s disease
124 Spriggs, Keith Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
Flavonoids as neuroprotective agents and as regulators of amyloid precursor protein processing: a possible dietary intervention for Alzheimer’s Disease?
126 Robert, Williams Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
The role of picalm in Aß clearance
127 Shabnam, Baig Alzheimer's Society UK 2009
How does hyper-phosphorylated tau mediate breakdown of the microtubular cytoskeleton? Can this be prevented by endogenous and exogenous interventions? Does this protect against tau toxicity?
103 AMRITPAL, MUDHER Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Complement and its regulators as a biomarker set and guide to therapy in Alzheimer’s disease.
104 Paul, Morgan Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Evaluation of altered brain iron in Alzheimer’s disease as a diagnostic marker.
107 Collingwood, Joanna Alzheimer's Society UK 2008