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Novel Treatment Strategies for Disease Modification and Neuroprotection in Parkinson´s Disease
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Björklund-1433 Björklund, Anders Swedish Research Council 2016
Understanding stroke, vascular dementia and cognitive aging through new techniques and models for assessment of cerebral blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Eklund-1441 Eklund, Anders Swedish Research Council 2016
Small vessel disease in the brain.Hypotension and hypertension as causes of cognitive decline and dementia. Mechanisms and diagnostics for vascular dysregulation and identification of genetic markers.
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Elmståhl-1442 Elmståhl, Sölve Swedish Research Council 2016
Prevention of Amyloidogenic Peptide-Induced Network and Cognitive Deficits by Activation of Peptide Degradation Mechanisms - A Drug Discovery and Translational Project Proposal
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Fisahn-1447 Fisahn, André Swedish Research Council 2016
Parkinson´s disease: evolution and mechanisms of disease progression in a community-based study population
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Forsgren-1449 Forsgren, Lars Swedish Research Council 2016
Development of new biomarkers and brain imaging techniques for Dementia and Parkinsonian disorders: key tools for exploring etiology to improve diagnosis and advance drug development
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Hansson-1457 Hansson, Oskar Swedish Research Council 2016
Alpha-synuclein is a key player in the pathogenic process of Parkinsons disease
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Kirik-1468 Kirik, Deniz Swedish Research Council 2016
Molecular mechanisms of Parkinson pathology spread and potential therapeutic interventions
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Li-1475 Li, Jia-Yi Swedish Research Council 2016
Neutron scattering studies of co-aggregation of amyloid proteins and lipids
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Linse-1477 Linse, Sara Swedish Research Council 2016
The role of cerebral small vessel disease in cognitive aging
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Qiu-1493 Qiu, Chengxuan Swedish Research Council 2016