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Investigating HIF-1alpha as a treatment target for mitochondrial dysfunction in dementia
ARUK-IRG2017A-2 Joseph Bateman Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Network for the development, validation and implementation of new methods to measure vascular dysfunction in dementia
ARUK-NAS2016B-1 Seth Love Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Validating a mouse model of alpha-synuclein gut-brain spreading
ARUK-NSG2017-008 Maria Spillantini Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Optimising multimodal MRI markers for use as surrogate markers in trials of Vascular Cognitive impairment due to cerebral small vessel disease
ARUK-PG2016A-1 Hugh Markus Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Cerebrovascular stress: a role for endothelial cells and platelets in Alzheimer's Disease
ARUK-PG2017A-3 Giordano Pula Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Cholesterol dysregulation in the neurovascular unit as an early contributor to neuronal dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease
ARUK-PhD2016-1 Stephen Wharton Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Neutrophil-derived microvesicle-induced blood brain barrier dysfunction and white matter lesion formation in the ageing brain
ARUK-PhD2016-5 Julie Simpson Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Understanding the symptomatic spectrum in dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB): The module dissociation hypothesis of DLB
ARUK-PPG2016A-2 John-Paul Taylor Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Genomic analysis of spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage; providing new insights into vascular and neurodegenerative mechanisms of dementia
ARUK-PPG2017A-20 Henry Houlden Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Neuronal vulnerability to Lewy body pathology
ARUK-PPG2017B-009 Johannes Attems Alzheimer's Research UK 2017