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Project # Contact PI Funding Organization Fiscal Year
Affective processing in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia
14 14 Xia, Chenjie Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Stress-related cytoplasmic TDP-43 aggregation and its role in neuronal apoptosis in a cell culture model of PGRN deficiency Alzheimer's Disease
14 32 Jia, William Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Enhancing activity participation in Frontotemporal dementia
NIRP-12-258380 Mioshi, Eneida Alzheimer's Association 2013
The effect of novel heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitors on total and phosphorylated tau levels in cerebrospinal fluid and memory deficits in the hTAU441 (tauopathy) mouse transgenic model of Alzheimer's disease
20131003-PERRELLA-2013 PERRELLA, YUKARI Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
O-GlcNAcase Inhibitors for Alzheimer's disease and Tauopathies
2013120-Beher-2013 Beher, Dirk Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
Biomarker assay development to accompany antisense oligonucleotide therapeutic for mutant C9orf72-positive FTD patients
20131202-Rothstein-2013 ROTHSTEIN, JEFFREY D Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
Brain slice screen for microRNA-targeted drug lead candidates for tau-associated FTD
20131203-Lo-2013 LO, DONALD C Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapy of Progranulin-Related Frontotemporal Dementia
20131213-Altstiel-2013 Altstiel, Larry Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
C9orf72: Yeast-2-hybrid verification for biological investigation of protein function
ARUK-ESG2013-6 Pickering-Brown, Stuart Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Functional deficits in a novel murine model of frontotemporal lobar degeneration
ARUK-NCG2013A-2 Randall, Andrew Alzheimer's Research UK 2013