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Genetic factors causing sporadic and familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/MND) with or without frontotemporal dementia.
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Andersen-1430 Andersen, Peter Swedish Research Council 2016
Novel Treatment Strategies for Disease Modification and Neuroprotection in Parkinson´s Disease
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Björklund-1433 Björklund, Anders Swedish Research Council 2016
Prevention of Amyloidogenic Peptide-Induced Network and Cognitive Deficits by Activation of Peptide Degradation Mechanisms - A Drug Discovery and Translational Project Proposal
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Fisahn-1447 Fisahn, André Swedish Research Council 2016
Parkinson´s disease: evolution and mechanisms of disease progression in a community-based study population
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Forsgren-1449 Forsgren, Lars Swedish Research Council 2016
Human genetic studies of Alzheimer disease and other dementias
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Graff-1452 Graff, Caroline Swedish Research Council 2016
Development of new biomarkers and brain imaging techniques for Dementia and Parkinsonian disorders: key tools for exploring etiology to improve diagnosis and advance drug development
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Hansson-1457 Hansson, Oskar Swedish Research Council 2016
Alpha-synuclein is a key player in the pathogenic process of Parkinsons disease
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Kirik-1468 Kirik, Deniz Swedish Research Council 2016
Molecular mechanisms of Parkinson pathology spread and potential therapeutic interventions
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Li-1475 Li, Jia-Yi Swedish Research Council 2016
Neutron scattering studies of co-aggregation of amyloid proteins and lipids
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Linse-1477 Linse, Sara Swedish Research Council 2016
Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells to study synucleinopathies
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Roybon-1494 Roybon, Laurent Swedish Research Council 2016