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Molecular mediators of physical exercise and carnosine-induced effects in patients with preclinical and early stage neurodegenerative disease.
EUJPND-SlovakRDA-Barbara-1291 Barbara, Ukropcová Slovak Research and Development Agency 2016
Etiopathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases: focus on RNA processing regulation in development and progression of sporadic tauopathies and Alzheimer´s disease
EUJPND-SlovakRDA-Filip?ík-1292 Filip?ík, Peter Slovak Research and Development Agency 2016
Model of cellular communication between neural and immune system in Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-SlovakRDA-Institute for Clinical and Translational Research BMC of the Slovak Academy of Sciences-1293 Institute for Clinical and Translational Research BMC of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovak Research and Development Agency 2016
The model of the neuroimmune crosstalk in Alzheimer´s disease
EUJPND-SlovakRDA-Žilka-1295 Žilka, Norbert Slovak Research and Development Agency 2016
Alzheimer's Disease Research
Wisconsin-Johnson-2013 JOHNSON, JEFFREY A State of Wisconsin 2013
Early Detection of White Matter Degeneration in People at Risk for Alzheimer's Disease: Relationship to Vascular Risk and Memory Function
Wisconsin-Bendlin-2009 BENDLIN, BARBARA BRIGITTA State of Wisconsin 2009
A Mechanistic Examination of Falls Occuring in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease
Wisconsin-GLEASON-2009 GLEASON, CAREY E State of Wisconsin 2009
An Aging Pathway Controls Alzheimer's Disease Neuropathology
Wisconsin-PUGLIELLI-2009 PUGLIELLI, LUIGI State of Wisconsin 2009
Methods and Tools for Image Based AD Classification with Evaluations on the ADNI Dataset
Wisconsin-Singh-2009 SINGH, VIKAS State of Wisconsin 2009
Barriers to Medical Care and Medication Adherence in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
Wisconsin-THORPE-2009 THORPE, JOSHUA M State of Wisconsin 2009