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The PREVENT Project
264 Ritchie, Craig Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
New objective methods to assess modularity in EEG functional networks during short-term memory binding in mild cognitive impairment
271 Escudero Rodriguez, Javier Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Elucidating neuronal mechanisms underlying memory deficits in Alzheimer’s disease using high density single unit recordings
272 Oren, Iris Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Enhancing resilience and quality of life through arts and science research
273 Windle, Gill Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Negotiating better community support for people living with dementia
274 Chadborn, Neil Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Risks and benefits of antihypertensive treatment in dementia: a cohort study using electronic primary care data
277 Lewis, Sarah Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The Angela Project: Improving diagnosis and post diagnostic support for younger people living with dementia and their caregivers
278 Carter, Janet Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The influence of blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors on dementia risk in middle and old age
280 Pearce, Neil Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Improving the early diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy Bodies using quantitative assessment of nuclear medicine scans
282 Roberts, Gemma Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Understanding how age-related changes in cell type composition in the brain contribute to Alzheimer’s disease: Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease affects different cell types in the brain
283 Soreq, Lilach Alzheimer's Society UK 2016