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Evaluating the effects of GLP-1 analog, oral semaglutide, as a treatment for sporadic behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD)
ADDF-33 Edison, Paul Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2021
A Placebo Controlled, Randomized Double-blind Parallel Group 12-month Trial of Fasudil for the Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment Due to Alzheimer's disease, nested within a Multi-Arm Phase 2 Clinical Trial Platform
ADDF-13 Ballard, Clive Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2020
Inflammatory Markers for Early Detection & Subtyping of Neurodegenerative & Mood Disorders
GC-201712-2014401 Upton, Meredith Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2018
4th Annual Goodes Prize for Excellence in Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery: Imaging Sub-study for the HOPE4MCI Phase 3 Trial
GC-201808-2016199 GALLAGHER, MICHELA Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2018
Accelerating Manufacture of Clinical Supplies for Initiation of Patient Enrollment in the HOPE4MCI Phase 3 Trial (AgeneBio, AGB101)
GC-2013118 ROSENZWEIG-LIPSON, SHARON Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2016
A European multicentre double-blind placebo-controlled phase III trial of nilvadIpine in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease
EUJPND-European Commission-EC Grant-926 EC Grant European Commission 2016
Reach ?-synuclein-dependent neurodegeneration: clinical development of therapeutic AFFITOPE vaccines for Parkinson’s disease and multisystem atrophy
EUJPND-European Commission-EC Grant-933 EC Grant European Commission 2016
Biomarker Optimization for Progranulin Trials
20111104 AFTD-Boxer-2011 BOXER, ADAM L Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2011
Preclinical development of plasma based AD diagnostic test using a combination of antibody administration and stable isotope labeling kinetics
20100802-WEST-2010 WEST, TIM Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2010
Pilot trial of Metformin in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease
270901.01-LUCHSINGER-2009 LUCHSINGER, JOSE Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2009