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Identification of novel biofluid markers of TDP-43 pathology
ARUK-CRF2017B-2 Rachelle Shafei Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Multi-centre optimization and harmonization of MRI image acquisition schemes: a UK-wide coordinated approach to advanced neuroimaging in dementia
ARUK-NAS2016B-2 David Thomas Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Memory impairment in Posterior Cortical Atrophy
ARUK-NSG2017-4 Christopher Butler Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Optimising multimodal MRI markers for use as surrogate markers in trials of Vascular Cognitive impairment due to cerebral small vessel disease
ARUK-PG2016A-1 Hugh Markus Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Elucidating the mechanisms of psychosis in motor neuron disease
ARUK-PhD2017-26 James Rowe Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Gaining new insight into the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease: investigating the role of the locus coeruleus using neuromelanin-sensitive MRI
ARUK-PPG2016A-6 Ruihua Hou Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
The physiology of dementia: magnetoencephalographic investigation of brain networks in Frontotemporal lobar degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease in preparation for experimental medicines studies
ARUK-PPG2016B-10 James Rowe Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
A new diffusion MRI imaging tool for cortical architecture measurements in different dementias
ARUK-PPG2017A-19 Steven Chance Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
The retina as a biomarker of AD-related change in Down's syndrome
ARUK-PPG2017B-022 Madeleine Walpert Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
From molecules to recurrent visual hallucinations: multimodal imaging and computational modelling of Dementia with Lewy bodies
ARUK-SRF2017B-1 Li Su Alzheimer's Research UK 2017