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Development of cell free messenger RNA-based non-invasive diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
ADDF-54 Sninsky, John Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2022
Clinical Implementation of Blood-Based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease: Clinical Validation, IVD Product Development, and Market Development
ADDF-55 Wilson, David Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2022
Validation of Blood Tests of Alzheimer's Disease in Mixed Etiology Dementia
AACSF-21-722822 Lawren VandeVrede Alzheimer's Association 2021
Blood DNA methylation biomarkers for cognitive decline in T2D elderly
AACSF-21-852238 Sigalit Manzali Alzheimer's Association 2021
Plasma proteomics for identification of non-invasive dementia risk markers
AARF-21-851606 Dr Helene Toinet Cronje Alzheimer's Association 2021
Understanding Alzheimer blood biomarkers for tau pathology
ZEN-21-848495 Kaj Blennow Alzheimer's Association 2021
Measurement of immune cell recruitment as a biomarker of neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease and other diseases of the central nervous system
ADDF-32 Menniti, Frank Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2021
Plasma pathologic TDP-43 as a biomarker for FTLD-TDP
ADDF-36 Mao, Qinwen Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2021
Easy and early plasma pTau181 detection with LUMIPULSE G platform as indicator of Alzheimer's disease
ADDF-38 Vandijck, Manu Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2021
Validation and commercialization of a novel blood-based, ultra-multiplex Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) for the prediction of cerebral amyloid status before clinical onset of dementia
ADDF-41 Anderson, Leyla Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2021