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Does intranasal insulin administration preserve cognitive function after cardiac surgery?
GC-201711-2014025 Sato, Hiroaki Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2019
Inflammatory Markers for Early Detection & Subtyping of Neurodegenerative & Mood Disorders
GC-201712-2014401 Upton, Meredith Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2018
A Phase II Study of the ApoE mimetic peptide drug CN-105 to reduce Postoperative Delirium and Cognitive Dysfunction after Non-Cardiac Surgery in Older Adults and to Block their Underlying Mechanisms
GC-2013207 BERGER, MILES Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2017
Mitochondrial endophenotypes of PD
EUJPND-FNR-Balling-868 Balling, Rudi Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016
Patient-specific Segmentation of Cerebral Structures for Deep Brain Stimulation
EUJPND-FNR-Bernard-869 Bernard, Florian Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016
Patient-specific control of movement disorders in Parkinson's disease by using deep brain stimulation
EUJPND-FNR-Bremm-870 Bremm, Rene Peter Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016
Characterization of a Parkinson's disease gene DJ-1 in regulatory T cells
EUJPND-FNR-Danileviciute-872 Danileviciute, Egle Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016
Investigating the role of DJ-1/LRRK2 and RhoT1 in microglial polarization
EUJPND-FNR-de Sousa-873 de Sousa, Carole Lara Veiga Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016
Generation and characterization of a human dopamine producing cell system
EUJPND-FNR-Delcambre-874 Delcambre, Sylvie Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016
Computational prediction of biochemical compensatory mechanisms in subjects at risk of developing Parkinson's disease.
EUJPND-FNR-El Assal-875 El Assal, Diana Charles Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 2016