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TURQUOISE Outreach Project: Bridge Between Community and Dementia Research
GBHI ALZ UK-21-722017 Öz, Didem Alzheimer's Association 2021
Characterising the role of modifiable lifestyle factors in the ageing brain
GBHI ALZ UK-21-723783 Demnitz, Naiara Alzheimer's Association 2021
The expanded Alzheimer’s Association quality control (QC) program for CSF and plasma biomarkers
QC CSF 3-19-624883 Blennow, Kaj Alzheimer's Association 2019
Genetic and Inflammatory Mechanisms of Delirium and Alzheimer's Disease
AARF-18-560786 VASUNILASHORN, SARINNAPHA Alzheimer's Association 2018
The healthy elderly brain: MRI predictors for developing MCI
2016-NIRG-397128 Strange, Bryan Alzheimer's Association 2016
Diet, Exercise, and Soluble RAGE in Adults at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
2016-NIRGD-396460 Brinkley, Tina Alzheimer's Association 2016
Study on the analysis of N-glycosylation changes of glycoproteins and the role of glycosylation of protein quality control mechanism in cellular disease model
EUJPND-Poland-MSHE-Link-Lenczowski-1208 Link-Lenczowski, Pawe? Poland - Ministry of Science and Higher Education 2016
Evaluation of non-explosive symptoms in people with Parkinson's disease treated with deep stimulation of the hypothalamic nucleus
EUJPND-Poland-MSHE-Polak-1209 Polak, Jaros?aw Poland - Ministry of Science and Higher Education 2016
Studies on benzylic derivatives of xanthines with expected MAO-B inhibitory activity and adenosine A1 and A2A receptors as compounds
EUJPND-Poland-MSHE-Za?uski-1211 Za?uski, Micha? Poland - Ministry of Science and Higher Education 2016
Genetic variability and efficacy of drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease (NGS sequencing)
EUJPND-Poland-MSHE-Zapa?a-1212 Zapa?a, Barbara Poland - Ministry of Science and Higher Education 2016