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TURQUOISE Outreach Project: Bridge Between Community and Dementia Research
GBHI ALZ UK-21-722017 Öz, Didem Alzheimer's Association 2021
Characterising the role of modifiable lifestyle factors in the ageing brain
GBHI ALZ UK-21-723783 Demnitz, Naiara Alzheimer's Association 2021
The expanded Alzheimer’s Association quality control (QC) program for CSF and plasma biomarkers
QC CSF 3-19-624883 Blennow, Kaj Alzheimer's Association 2019
Genetic and Inflammatory Mechanisms of Delirium and Alzheimer's Disease
AARF-18-560786 VASUNILASHORN, SARINNAPHA Alzheimer's Association 2018
The healthy elderly brain: MRI predictors for developing MCI
2016-NIRG-397128 Strange, Bryan Alzheimer's Association 2016
Diet, Exercise, and Soluble RAGE in Adults at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
2016-NIRGD-396460 Brinkley, Tina Alzheimer's Association 2016
Neuroleptics and Huntington's Disease - Comparison of olanzapine, tetrabenazine and tiapride - A controlled, randomized, multicentre trial
EUJPND-DGOS-BACHOUD-LEVI-686 BACHOUD-LEVI, Anne-Catherine La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016
Evaluation of the analgesic effects of OXYcodone LP and L-Dopa, versus placebo, in the central neuropathic patients of the Parkinsonian patient: OXYDOPA trial
EUJPND-DGOS-BREFEL-COURBON-688 BREFEL-COURBON, Christine La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016
Marqueurs précoces de la maladie de Parkinson liés aux dérèglements des voies de la survie cellulaire. Early markers of Parkinson's disease related to disorders of cell survival pathways
EUJPND-DGOS-DESTEE-692 DESTEE, Alain La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016
Study of predictive factors of therapeutic response on the quality of life of subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's disease
EUJPND-DGOS-DEVOS-693 DEVOS, David La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016