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Non-invasive detection of brain cell death using methylation patterns of circulating DNA: a novel blood test for early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
GDAPB-201809-2017073 Dor, Yuval Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2018
Blood exosomal miRNAs as biomarkers in post-stroke brain recovery/ dementia
AARG-16-442861 Ben Assayag, Einor Alzheimer's Association 2016
Elucidating the mechanism linking Protein Aggregation Disease to DNA Damage Response
EUJPND-Israel-CSO-MOH-Brandeis-858 Brandeis, Michael Israeli Ministry of Health-Chief Scientific Officer 2016
Towards deciphering the role of N-terminal post-translational modifications in regulating the function of Huntingtin (Htt) in health and disease
EUJPND-SwissNSF-Hilal-1577 Hilal, Lashuel Swiss National Science Foundation 2016
Deciphering the mechanisms of TDP-43 and FUS/TLS mediated neurotoxicity
EUJPND-SwissNSF-Magdalini-1580 Magdalini, Polymenidou Swiss National Science Foundation 2016
From knowledge base of the pathogenic astrocyte-motoneuron communication in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to therapeutic approaches
EUJPND-SwissNSF-Patrick-1581 Patrick, Aebischer Swiss National Science Foundation 2016
Novel ways for improved cell replacement strategies in Parkinson’s disease: The potential of Nogo-A neutralization.
EUJPND-SwissNSF-Rudolf-1583 Rudolf, Widmer Swiss National Science Foundation 2016
The role of dopamine on cortical plasticity and striatal structure in Dopamine-responsive Dystonia
EUJPND-SwissNSF-Sebastian-1584 Sebastian, Schreglmann Swiss National Science Foundation 2016
Early synaptic dysfunctions in HD model: role of GluN3A
EUJPND-SF|ARS-Bellone-1586 Bellone, Camilla Synapsis Foundation|Alzheimer Research Switzerland 2016
Cause and consequences of Parkinson´s disease in the midbrain locomotor command center
EUJPND-SF|ARS-Espositol-1590 Espositol, Maria Soledad Synapsis Foundation|Alzheimer Research Switzerland 2016