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The Toronto Dementia Research Alliance (TDRA) Dementia Clinical Research Database: A Platform in Neurodegenerative Diseases
EUJPND-Canada - Partnership-Freedman-357 Freedman, Morris Brain Canada|University of Toronto|Centre of Addiction and Mental Health|Baycrest Centre|Sunnybrooke University Health Network 2016
Stem cell therapies: Targeting the non-motor symptoms
EUJPND-ParkUK-Lelos-2119 Lelos, Mariah Parkinson's UK 2016
Using stem cell-derived neurons for sporadic Alzheimer Disease modeling and drug discovery.
16 06 LEBLANC, Andréa Claire Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Novel Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Synapse Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease
16 14 Kennedy, Timothy Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Patient-specific measures of resting-state functional connectivity based on individual cortical and tract anatomy for improved sensitivity to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
16 20 BADHWAR, Amanpreet Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Characterizing TDP-43 isoforms to investigate disease pathogenesis
16 21 Zheng, Yuzi Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Identifying the genetic correlates of the homocysteine risk pathway for Alzheimer’s disease: a genome-wide interaction study
16 22 Roostaei, Tina Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Traiter l'Alzheimer par une thérapie génique ciblant les récepteurs RAGE des cellules endothéliales des capillaires cérébraux
16 25 Bourassa, Philippe Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Anti-amyloid gene therapy in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
16 27 Noroozian, Zeinab Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Modulating memory circuits: electrophysiology of Deep Brain Stimulation treatments to improve memory function.
16 28 Eva Vico Varela Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015