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Human brain tissue for Alzheimer research
#10515 HUITINGA, INGE Alzheimer Nederland 2010
Use of Targeted Multiplex Proteomic Strategies to Identify Cerebral Spinal Fluid-Based Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease
20100303-Siuciak-2010 Siuciak, Judith Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2010
Preclinical development of plasma based AD diagnostic test using a combination of antibody administration and stable isotope labeling kinetics
20100802-WEST-2010 WEST, TIM Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2010
Fine-mapping and characterization of genetic biomarkers that facilitate the acceleration of drug discovery for frontotemporal dementias
20101206 AFTD-Roses-2010 ROSES, ALLEN D Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2010
Quantitative assessment of neuropathology using a motorised microscope
ART-EG2010A-1 Attems, Johannes Alzheimer's Research UK 2010
Pyrosequencer for quantitative DNA methylation profiling in Alzheimer’s Disorder
ART-EG2010A-2 MILL, JONATHAN Alzheimer's Research UK 2010
Efficient magnetic resonance image analysis for Alzheimer’s disease: an upgraded computer cluster and data storage system
ART-EG2010B-1 Barnes, Josephine Alzheimer's Research UK 2010
Fluorescence microscopy in the investigation of frontotemporal lobar degenerations and other dementias
ART-EG2010B-2 Revesz, Tamas Alzheimer's Research UK 2010
Validation of a new cognitive testing system for AD mice
ART-ESG2010-1 Saksida, Lisa Alzheimer's Research UK 2010
In vitro modelling of neuronal-microglial interactions in Alzheimer's disease by directed differentiation of human embryonic and induced pluripotency stem cells
ART-PhD2010-1 Allen, Nicholas Alzheimer's Research UK 2010