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Correlation between Aß42 decrease and misfolding in blood
WE.03-2019-17 Philip Scheltens Alzheimer Nederland 2019
Bloodbased biomarkers as screening tool for early AD pathological changes
WE.03-2017-02 VAN DER FLIER, Wiesje M. Alzheimer Nederland 2017
Empowering people with dementia: green care farms as an alternative to traditional dementia care environments.
EUJPND-AlzNederland-Multiple PI-1622 Multiple PI Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Evaluation of the impact of the AlzheimerNet programme: a Comparative Effectiveness Research on the transit from fragmented care to a collaborative dementia networks of multidisciplinary care
EUJPND-AlzNederland-OldeRikkert-1624 OldeRikkert, M.G.M. Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Through the D’mentia Lens: an easy accessible dementia simulation for family caregivers using the innovative Oculus Rift VR headset, combined with e-learning;
EUJPND-AlzNederland-Pot-1626 Pot, A.M. Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Personhood in dementia: A participatory-action research investigation of the value of agency in community
EUJPND-IRC-Foley-837 Foley, Sarah Irish Research Council 2016
Exploring personhood in dementia and its importance for care relationships, service delivery and regulatory instruments.
EUJPND-IRC-Hennelly-839 Hennelly, Niamh Irish Research Council 2016
Developing an early reliable blood-derived biomarker of cognitive deterioration
EUJPND-IRC-Wolfe-846 Wolfe, Hannah Irish Research Council 2016
Development of a serum protein-based tool for predictive diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.
Texas-O'BRYANT-2012 O'BRYANT, SID E Texas Alzheimer's Research and Care Consortium 2012
A self-management programme for spouses of elderly with early stage Alzheimer
WE03-2010-08 Vugt, Marjolein Alzheimer Nederland 2011