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Validation and translation of minimal-invasive alzheimer markers
#15013 Keller, Andreas Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e. V. 2015
Development of a Clinically Effective Sensory Screening Tool for Residents with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in Long Term Care (LTC)
16 08 McGilton, Katherine Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Attitudes of stakeholders towards medical aid in dying for patients with advanced Alzheimer's disease
16 11 Bravo, Gina Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Improving Assessment of Pain in Nursing Home Residents with Moderate to Severe Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
16 12 Knopp-Sihota, Jennifer Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Optimiser la sécurité à domicile des personnes atteintes de la maladie d'Alzheimer à la suite d'un séjour à l'hôpital: que peut-on apprendre de l'expérience vécue par les patients et leurs proches aidants?
16 16 Provencher, Veronique Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Adapting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia-related health promotion materials to meet the needs of Aboriginal people in Northern Ontario
16 40 Webkamigad, Sharlene Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015
Tau efflux via exosomes and potential plasma biomarker of Alzheimer disease
2015-NIRG-342009  SHI, MIN Alzheimer's Association 2015
Proteomic Profile for Incident Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome
DSAD-15-364171 SCHUPF, NICOLE Alzheimer's Association 2015
Longitudinal Circulating RNA Biomarker Profiling in Down Syndrome
DSAD-15-364262  SABBAGH, MARWAN N Alzheimer's Association 2015
Living Alone in Older Age with Alzheimer's disease
NIRG-15-362325  PORTACOLONE, ELENA Alzheimer's Association 2015