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Developing tool to assess needs of dementia carers for economic evaluation
GBHI ALZ UK-21-714522 Kinchin, Irina Alzheimer's Association 2021
Moving Pictures: Using digital media to improve dementia care in India
AARG-20-681419 Brijnath, Bianca Alzheimer's Association 2020
“Brain Health matters”: create understanding around brain health at school
GBHI_ALZ-18-544411 Bayen, Eleonore Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)|Alzheimer's Association|Alzheimer's Society 2018
French National transdisciplinary course on diagnosis and care of Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders
DIU MA2-Ed2 Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer (France) 2017
Safe & Easy Environment for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders
EUJPND-FranceANR-DAVID-631 DAVID, Renaud Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) 2016
Technology for the Search of Common Objects in the House
EUJPND-FranceANR-REINGEWIRTZ-654 REINGEWIRTZ, Serge Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) 2016
AIBL Data Access Through GAAIN
AIBL GAAIN-16-409901 salvado, olivier Alzheimer's Association 2016
Improving Dementia Education Access (the IDEA study) for clinical hospital staff in regional and district hospitals: a cluster randomised study to improve knowledge and patient outcomes.
EUJPND-Aus-NHMRC-Annear-2 Annear, Michael Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (Aus-NHMRC) 2016
Centre of Research Excellence in Cognitive Health: Evidence, intervention and population modelling
EUJPND-Aus-NHMRC-Anstey-3 Anstey, Kaarin Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (Aus-NHMRC) 2016
Can music mend minds? Investigating the mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of music on persons with dementia
EUJPND-Aus-NHMRC-Baird-10 Baird, Amee Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (Aus-NHMRC) 2016