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Changes in Physician Approaches to Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia since CMS's National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care
Virginia-Winter-2017 Winter, Jonathan State of Virginia 2017
Use of Antipsychotic Medications by Residents with Dementia in Assisted Living Facilities
Virginia-Inker-2016 Inker, Jennifer|Gendron, Tracey|Cotter, J. James State of Virginia 2016
Families in Rural Appalachia Caring for Older Relatives with Dementia
Virginia-Savla-2016 Savla, Jyoti|Roberto, Karen|Blieszner, Rosemary State of Virginia 2016
Individuals with Dementia at Adult Day Health Care Centers: Examining the Effects of Individualized Music on Mood and Agitation
Virginia-Tompkins-2015 Tompkins, Catherine State of Virginia 2015
Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD): A Mixed-Method Pilot
Virginia-Winter-2014 Winter, Jonathan|Kerns, Williams State of Virginia 2014
Evaluation of a Web-Based Decision Aid for People Considering a Genetic Testing for Alzheimer’s Risk
Virginia-Zallen-2014 Zallen, Doris|Holtzman, Golde|Kim, Kye State of Virginia 2014
The Impact of an Interdisciplinary Virtual Healthcare Neighborhood on Sleep, Healthcare/Social Support, and Self-Efficacy among Caregivers of Elderly Persons with Dementia
Virginia-Fowler-2013 Fowler, Christanne State of Virginia 2013
Promoting Change and Action in Person-Centered Care Practices Using a Multi-Media Approach
Virginia-Love-2013 Love, Karen|Femia, Elia|Barsness, Sonya State of Virginia 2013
The Impact of Early Alzheimer's Support and Education Programs on Both Diagnosed Participants and Their Care Partners
Virginia-Lacey-2010 Lacey, Patricia State of Virginia 2010
Assessment of Factors which Influence Physician Decision-making Regarding Medication Use in Patients with Dementia at the End of Life
Virginia-Lapane-2010 Lapane, Kate State of Virginia 2010