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Empowering people with dementia: green care farms as an alternative to traditional dementia care environments.
EUJPND-AlzNederland-Multiple PI-1622 Multiple PI Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Evaluation of the impact of the AlzheimerNet programme: a Comparative Effectiveness Research on the transit from fragmented care to a collaborative dementia networks of multidisciplinary care
EUJPND-AlzNederland-OldeRikkert-1624 OldeRikkert, M.G.M. Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Through the D’mentia Lens: an easy accessible dementia simulation for family caregivers using the innovative Oculus Rift VR headset, combined with e-learning;
EUJPND-AlzNederland-Pot-1626 Pot, A.M. Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Towards resilience in family caregiving for people with dementia
EUJPND-Ireland-HRB|AtlanticPhil-Fealy-832 Fealy, Gerard Health Research Board|The Atlantic Philanthropies 2016
Dementia Friendly Irish Hospitals: Opportunities, Barriers, Costs and Solutions
EUJPND-Ireland-HRB|AtlanticPhil-O'Neill-834 O'Neill, Desmond Health Research Board|The Atlantic Philanthropies 2016
National Centre for Social Research on Dementia (NCSRD)
EUJPND-Ireland-HRB|AtlanticPhil-O'Shea-835 O'Shea, Eamon Health Research Board|The Atlantic Philanthropies 2016
A self-management programme for spouses of elderly with early stage Alzheimer
WE03-2010-08 Vugt, Marjolein Alzheimer Nederland 2011
Deal-iD Study: Dealing with daily challenges in Dementia
WE03.2011-06 Vugt, Marjolein Alzheimer Nederland 2011
An early video-based behavioral intervention for agitation of people with dementia living at home
WE03.2011-14 Pot, Anne Margriet Alzheimer Nederland 2011
What is the effectiveness of a tailormade social fitness program for community dwelling older people with dementia and their caregivers?
WE03.2011-21 Graff, Maud Alzheimer Nederland 2011