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Personalized disease prediction for Alzheimer’s disease using proteome profiling: the EPIC4AD study
2020CL_BL Lill, Christina, and Bertram, Lars Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
Characterization of Alzheimer’s Disease Molecular Biomarker Profiles throughout the Pathobiological Continuum
2020KM Moulder, Krista Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
Understanding molecular biomarker changes in Alzheimer’s disease using genetically defined mouse models (
2020MJ_KS Jucker, Mathias, and Kaeser, Stephan Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
APOE Consortium: Assessing the added diagnostic value of peripheral ApoE protein levels in current blood-based biomarker assays for CNS amyloidosis
2020RB Bateman, Randall Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
Supporting family carers of people with dementia at the end of life: Developing a decision aid
337 Davies, Nathan Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Improving the experience of dementia and enhancing active life: a longitudinal perspective on living well with dementia (the IDEAL-2 study)
348 Clare, Linda Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Thinking about Dementia
389 Tischler, Victoria Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Negotiating better community support for people living with dementia
274 Chadborn, Neil Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The Angela Project: Improving diagnosis and post diagnostic support for younger people living with dementia and their caregivers
278 Carter, Janet Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Life through a lens: participatory action research to collaboratively implement non-pharmacological interventions with people who have a learning disability and dementia.
292 Watchman, Karen Alzheimer's Society UK 2016