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Repressor Element 1-Silencing Transcription Factor (REST): A blood-based biomarker for Alzheimer's disease linking molecular neuropathology with psychological stress
EUJPND-ARUK-Killick-1854 Killick, Richard Alzheimer's Research UK 2016
The influence of cortical neurodegenerative pathology on white matter integrity
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Attems-1915 Attems, Johannes Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The influence of mild cognitive impairment on falls, gait and rehabilitation
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Booth-1919 Booth, Victoria Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Understanding the experience of eating and drinking difficulties from the perspective of people living with dementia in residential care homes
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Collins-1925 Collins, Lindsey Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Small vessel disease pathophysiology: human post-mortem brain tissue study with clinical-radiological-pathological correlation
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-humphreys-1942 humphreys, Catherine Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Scaling the Peaks; Understanding the barriers and drivers to providing and using dementia friendly community services in rural areas: the impact of location, cultures and community in the Peak District National Park on sustaining service innovations
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Marshall-1953 Marshall, Fiona Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
How do individual differences in midlife adiposity and APOE genotype as risk factors for dementia affect brain structure and cognition? A cross-sectional MRI study.
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Metzler-Baddeley-1954 Metzler-Baddeley, Claudia Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Understanding the Basis and Interaction of Non-cognitive and Cognitive Symptoms in Dementia with Lewy Bodies
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Multiple PI-1956 Multiple PI Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Short-term memory binding: a sensitive cognitive marker for Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Parra-1963 Parra, Mario Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
DECIDE: DElirium and Cognitive Impact in DEmentia
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Richardson-1969 Richardson, Sarah Alzheimer's Society UK 2016