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Correlation between Aß42 decrease and misfolding in blood
#19077CB Klaus Gerwert Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e. V. 2020
Harnessing seven decades of prospective data collection to understand the causes of cognitive decline and dementia: a deep phenotyping study of the British 1946 birth cohort
SG-19-666374-UK BIRTH COHORT Schott, Jonathan M. Alzheimer's Association 2019
Stratified Medicine Strategies with an Inflammatory Signature Against Alzheimer’s Disease" (SMashIng-AD)
ARUK-PG2018C-009 Katie Lunnon Alzheimer's Research UK 2019
Burdensome end of life treatments in older adults with advanced dementia
GBHI ALZ UK-19-589613 DZENG, ELIZABETH Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)|Alzheimer's Association|Alzheimer's Society 2019
Individualized Alzheimer Research Criteria (IARC): a Dutch-German Initiative
#18002CB Kathrin Reetz Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e. V. 2018
Amyloid beta proteins as biomarkers of AMD: insights into common disease mechanisms in the senescent retina and brain
ARUK-FFS2018-02 J. Arjuna Ratnayaka Alzheimer's Research UK 2018
The Cognitive Function and Ageing Study: a proposal for doctoral training focused on gender
ARUK-PhD2017-34 Carol Brayne Alzheimer's Research UK 2018
The development of Tau and Nfl serum measurements as biomarkers for prion disease progression
ARUK-PPG2018A-006 Graham Jackson Alzheimer's Research UK 2018
Maternal obesity and risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease: the Framingham Heart Study
ARUK-PPG2018A-024 Cheryl Hawkes Alzheimer's Research UK 2018
mRNA Sequencing in Lewy Body Disease
ARUK-PPG2018B-008 Paul Donaghy Alzheimer's Research UK 2018