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Development of cell free messenger RNA-based non-invasive diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
ADDF-54 Sninsky, John Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2022
Clinical Implementation of Blood-Based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease: Clinical Validation, IVD Product Development, and Market Development
ADDF-55 Wilson, David Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2022
In vivo MRI studies in assessment of sex-related metabolic changes in Alzheimer's disease
#13810 Alia, Alia Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e. V. 2013
The impact of cardiovascular disease and other risk factors on morbidity and mortality in patients with dementia: a nationwide followup study using nationwide register linkage
WE03-2012-38 Koek, Huiberdina Alzheimer Nederland 2013
Inflammatory biomarkers to predict transition to dementia in Down Syndrome
DSADNIP-13-31651 WILCOCK, DONNA M Alzheimer's Association 2013
Setting Up a Challenge Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer's disease
IIRG-13-31629 QIU, WEI QIAO WENDY Alzheimer's Association 2013
Detection of B cells producing antibodies: a novel blood-test for AD
NIRG-13-31636 DAVTYAN, HAYK Alzheimer's Association 2013
Honolulu-Asia Aging Study Clinical-Neuropathologic Analyses
ZEN-12-239028 WHITE, LON RAY Alzheimer's Association 2013
Characterizing the mitophenotypes of Alzheimer's disease: peripheral cell biomarkers for patient selection and measurement of drug response.
20130101-Lansbury-2013 Lansbury, Peter Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
Validation of an effective blood test for Alzheimer's disease.
20131201-Roberts-2013 Roberts, Blaine Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013