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Risks and benefits of antihypertensive treatment in dementia: a cohort study using electronic primary care data
277 Lewis, Sarah Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The influence of blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors on dementia risk in middle and old age
280 Pearce, Neil Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The influence of cortical neurodegenerative pathology on white matter integrity
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Attems-1915 Attems, Johannes Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The influence of mild cognitive impairment on falls, gait and rehabilitation
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Booth-1919 Booth, Victoria Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Understanding the experience of eating and drinking difficulties from the perspective of people living with dementia in residential care homes
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Collins-1925 Collins, Lindsey Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Small vessel disease pathophysiology: human post-mortem brain tissue study with clinical-radiological-pathological correlation
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-humphreys-1942 humphreys, Catherine Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Scaling the Peaks; Understanding the barriers and drivers to providing and using dementia friendly community services in rural areas: the impact of location, cultures and community in the Peak District National Park on sustaining service innovations
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Marshall-1953 Marshall, Fiona Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
How do individual differences in midlife adiposity and APOE genotype as risk factors for dementia affect brain structure and cognition? A cross-sectional MRI study.
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Metzler-Baddeley-1954 Metzler-Baddeley, Claudia Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Understanding the Basis and Interaction of Non-cognitive and Cognitive Symptoms in Dementia with Lewy Bodies
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Multiple PI-1956 Multiple PI Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Short-term memory binding: a sensitive cognitive marker for Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-AlzSocUK-Parra-1963 Parra, Mario Alzheimer's Society UK 2016