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Correlation between Aß42 decrease and misfolding in blood
WE.03-2019-17 Philip Scheltens Alzheimer Nederland 2019
Bloodbased biomarkers as screening tool for early AD pathological changes
WE.03-2017-02 VAN DER FLIER, Wiesje M. Alzheimer Nederland 2017
Latelife depression and risk of dementia: establishing underlying pathways
WE.03-2017-06 GEERLINGS, Mirjam I. Alzheimer Nederland 2017
NILVAD CBF ADD-on study: The effects of nilvadipine on Cerebral autoregulation, Blood pressure, cerebral blood Flow and -Damage in Alzheimer's Disease.
EUJPND-AlzNederland-Claassen-1607 CLAASSEN, JURGEN Alzheimer Nederland 2016
Longitudinal DLB Cohort
EUJPND-AlzNederland-Lemstra-1620 Lemstra, A.W. Alzheimer Nederland 2016
End-of-life care in institutionalized people with Young Onset Dementia (YOD): the Care4Youngdem-study
EUJPND-ZonMw-Koopmans-1682 Koopmans, R.T.C.M. Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development 2016
The disease process of hereditary frontotemporal dementia in the presymptomatic stage: a search for sensitive biomarkers
EUJPND-ZonMw-van Swieten-1713 van Swieten, J.C. Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development 2016
Modelling the potential population-level impact of modifying dementia risk factors using data from the Cognitive Function and Ageing Study
EUJPND-PRP-Matthews-2152 Matthews, Fiona PRP 2016
Genetic risk factors and proteostasis in AD
#14504 SCHEPER, WIEP Alzheimer Nederland 2014
The impact of cardiovascular disease and other risk factors on morbidity and mortality in patients with dementia: a nationwide followup study using nationwide register linkage
WE03-2012-38 Koek, Huiberdina Alzheimer Nederland 2013