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Evaluating the effectiveness of informational supports for people with TBI
GBHI ALZ UK-20-642246 Mbakile-Mahlanza, Lingani Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)|Alzheimer's Association|Alzheimer's Society 2020
Non-invasive detection of brain cell death using methylation patterns of circulating DNA: a novel blood test for early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
GDAPB-201809-2017073 Dor, Yuval Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2018
DDI- dementia disease initiation
EUJPND-Helse Nord-Espenes-1130 Espenes, Ragna Northern Norway Regional Health Authority 2016
Cardiovascular Health and Progression of Alzheimerr´s disease (VAS-PAD)
EUJPND-NEFHR-Eldholm-1131 Eldholm, Ranveig Sakshaug Norwegian Extra Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation 2016
User participation for elderly persons with dementia living at home
EUJPND-NEFHR-Haugen-1132 Haugen, Ingebjørg Norwegian Extra Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation 2016
The Incidence and Prognosis of Dementia related to Drug use in out-patients with cognitive impairments (the IPoD-D-Study).
EUJPND-NEFHR-Kersten-1133 Kersten, Hege Norwegian Extra Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation 2016
Effects of an exercise program for nursing home patients with dementia
EUJPND-NEFHR-Telenius-1135 Telenius, Elisabeth Wiken Norwegian Extra Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation 2016
The Norwegian Cognitive impairment After STroke (COAST) study
EUJPND-NorwegianHA-Saltvedt-1143 Saltvedt, Ingvild Norwegian Health Association 2016
Decision Support System for Patient-Driven Monitoring Of Cognitive Decline through Computer Aided Personal Support for Cognitive Resources
EUJPND-RCN-Elvevåg-1148 Elvevåg, Brita Research Council of Norway 2016
HOME-based ICT solutions FOR the independent living of people with DEMentia and their caregivers
EUJPND-RCN-Hellman-1158 Hellman, Riitta Research Council of Norway 2016