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Natural and designed inhibitors of amyloid formation
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Johansson-1464 JOHANSSON, JAN Swedish Research Council 2016
Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E complex in prodromal Alzheimer disease: clinical trials in older adults
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Kivipelto-1469 Kivipelto, Miia Swedish Research Council 2016
Neurodegenerative diseases: immunotherapy, biomarkers, clinical and epidemiological investigations
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Lannfelt-1473 Lannfelt, Lars, Swedish Research Council 2016
Diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative disease biomarkers based on robust optically signaling capture phases
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Sellergren-1497 Sellergren, Börje Swedish Research Council 2016
Development of novel strategy for Alzheimer disease therapy based on modulation of molecular chaperone networks
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Winblad-1510 Winblad, Bengt Swedish Research Council 2016
Oxysteroler och neurodegeneration. Oxysterols and neurodegeneration
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Björkhem-1543 Björkhem, Ingemar The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016
Towards Neurotrophic therapes in Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Eriksdotter-1547 Eriksdotter, Maria The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016
Framtagning och karaktärisering av en ny typ av kognitionsförstärkare. 69/5000 Did you mean: Framtagning och karaktärisering av en ny typ av kognition förstärkare Development and characterization of a new type of cognition enhancer
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Hallberg-1549 Hallberg, Mathias The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016
Multidomäna interventioner för att förebygga Alzheimers sjukdom: MIND-AD. Multidomain interventions to prevent Alzheimer's disease: MIND-AD
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Kivipelto-1552 Kivipelto, Miia The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016
Sequestrins - New small protein drugs targeting neurodegenerative disorders
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Ståhl-1561 Ståhl, Stefan The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016