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Nup153 as target to improve neurogenesis and cognitive function in AD
AARG-19-614919 Colussi, Claudia Alzheimer's Association 2019
Extenzin-based therapy for MCI subjects
PTC-19-602325 Sensi, Stefano Luca Alzheimer's Association 2019
Prevention of Cognitive Decline in Older Adults with Low DHA/EPA Index in Red Blood Cells
MAPT2-18-465002 Vellas, Bruno Alzheimer's Association 2018
Network science tools to identify novel diet patterns in prodromal dementia
AARG-NTF-16-439218 SAMIERI, CECILIA Alzheimer's Association 2016
Apports d'une thérapie sémantique sur tablette tactile dans la maladie d'Alzheimer, formes jeunes et tardives. IngentaConnect Alzheimer's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease
EUJPND-DGOS-FERRIEUX-696 FERRIEUX, Sophie La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016
Neuroprotective, motor and cognitive impact of prolonged high intensity aerobic work in Parkinson's disease. Comparison of two exercise intensity training programs with a different intensity and a conventional physiotherapy program for 9 months
EUJPND-DGOS-GRACIES-700 GRACIES, Jean-Michel La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016
Démence en EHPAD: Télémédecine pour la prise en Charge des Troubles psycho-comportementaux. Dementia in EHPAD: Telemedicine for the Management of Psycho-Behavioral Disorders
EUJPND-DGOS-SOTO MARTIN-716 SOTO MARTIN, Maria La direction générale de l'Offre de soins (DGOS) 2016
Targeting subcellular Amyloidß oligomers in human Alzheimer’s primary cells
NIRG-12-237751 Meli, Giovanni Alzheimer's Association 2012
PDE4D selective inhibitors for the treatment of memory impairment
IIRG-11-208306 Bruno, Olga Alzheimer's Association 2011
Alzheimer’s Disease: a new approach to cognitive neurorehabilitation
NIRG-11-205099 Cotelli, Maria Alzheimer's Association 2011