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New non-myomaide treatment of cognitive disorders (in vivo)
EUJPND-Poland-NCRD-Zajdel-1206 Zajdel, Pawe? National Centre for Research and Development in Poland 2016
New experimental model development to test procognitive and neuroprotective compounds
EUJPND-NKFIH-Fülöp-797 Fülöp, Lívia National Innovation Office - Hungary 2016
The validation of new pharmacological strategies in schizophrenia and dementia models
EUJPND-NKFIH-Hernádi-798 Hernádi, István National Innovation Office - Hungary 2016
Development of new pharmaceutical drugs to treat dementia
EUJPND-NKFIH-Lendvai-803 Lendvai, Balázs National Innovation Office - Hungary 2016
The TRPA1 receptor, as potential target in neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases, and cognitive disorders
EUJPND-NKFIH-Pintér-806 Pintér, Erika National Innovation Office - Hungary 2016
The mechanism of binding of drug candidates to disordered proteins
EUJPND-NKFIH-Tóth-809 Tóth, Gergely National Innovation Office - Hungary 2016
Pharmacological studies of new benzisoxazolopropylpyrrolidine derivatives as multifunctional ligands with potential prokaryotic and antipsychotic properties (in vivo, animal models)
EUJPND-Poland-NSC-Marcinkowska-1215 Marcinkowska, Monika Poland - National Science Centre 2016
Search of novel multifunctional ligands targeting neurodegereneration processes.
2012/07/B/NZ7/04253 Malawska, Barbara Poland - National Science Centre 2013
Design of new compounds affecting the aggregation of beta-amyloid and cholinergic neurotransmission by methods of molecular modeling.
2012/04/S/NZ2/00116 Bajda, Marek Poland - National Science Centre 2012
Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of new hybrid derivatives of tacrine and melatonin as potential cholinesterases inhibitors
Poland-2010 Zawadzka, Anna Poland - National Science Centre 2012