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Cognitive training to promote brain health: implementation and engagement
GBHI_ALZ-18-544160 Panizzutti, Rogerio Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)|Alzheimer's Association|Alzheimer's Society 2018
Selective Cyclophilin D inhibitors for neurodegeneration
GC-2013179 Peel, Michael Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2016
Examining the effects of S1P receptor drugs in Alzheimer’s disease
EUJPND-Ireland-HRB-Dev-817 Dev, Kumlesh K. Health Research Board 2016
BIOMARKAPD: Biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease
EUJPND-Ireland-HRB|EU-JPND-Lawlor-831 Lawlor, Brian Health Research Board|European Union - Joint Programme in Neurodegenerative Diseases 2016
'D-activating Decline': Exploring the combined effects of exercise and vitamin D3 supplementation on cognitive function in healthy older adults.
EUJPND-IRC-Aspell-836 Aspell, Niamh Irish Research Council 2016
Developing an early reliable blood-derived biomarker of cognitive deterioration
EUJPND-IRC-Wolfe-846 Wolfe, Hannah Irish Research Council 2016
New non-myomaide treatment of cognitive disorders (in vivo)
EUJPND-Poland-NCRD-Zajdel-1206 Zajdel, Pawe? National Centre for Research and Development in Poland 2016
Pharmacological studies of new benzisoxazolopropylpyrrolidine derivatives as multifunctional ligands with potential prokaryotic and antipsychotic properties (in vivo, animal models)
EUJPND-Poland-NSC-Marcinkowska-1215 Marcinkowska, Monika Poland - National Science Centre 2016
Barriers of the CNS, tight junctions and novel therapeutic targets in neural disease.
EUJPND-Ireland-SF-Campbell-847 CAMPBELL, MATTHEW Science Foundation Ireland 2016
microRNA as novel therapeutic targets and disease biomarkers in Alzheimer?s Disease, Frontotemporal dementia and Anyotrophic lateral sclerosis (NEURO-MIR)
EUJPND-Ireland-SF-Prehn-853 Prehn, Jochen Science Foundation Ireland 2016