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Neuronal subtype-specific modeling Alzheimer's disease by direct neuronal reprogramming of patient fibroblasts
2021AY YOO, ANDREW Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Interrogating levetiracetam’s impact on amyloid pathology and presynaptic proteostasis in knock-in mouse models with humanized Abeta
2021JS Savas, Jeffrey Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Development of Human cGAS inhibitors to treat Alzheimer's Disease
2021LGSS Gan, Li and Sinha, Subhash Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Continuing Studies of the Effects of GSM 776890 Administration on Amyloid Species and Microgliosis in Older Alzheimer’s Model Mice
2021SW Wagner, Steve Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Single-cell molecular mapping of adult neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s disease
WE.03-2020-04 Evgenia Salta Alzheimer Nederland 2020
Understanding the role of newly identified pre-tangle associated proteins in AD
WE.03-2020-09 David Hondus Alzheimer Nederland 2020
PEGASUS Clinical Study of AMX0035 in Alzheimer’s Disease
2020_Amylyx Amylyx Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
Improving Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials’ Design by Machine Learning Models
2020AE_RL Ezzati, Ali and Lipton, Richard Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
Creation of a fibroblast/iPS cell bank to facilitate peripheral/brain comparisons, and allow molecular investigations into molecular mechanisms underlying differences in disease aggressiveness
2020BH Hyman, Brad Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020
Personalized disease prediction for Alzheimer’s disease using proteome profiling: the EPIC4AD study
2020CL_BL Lill, Christina, and Bertram, Lars Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2020