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Effect of Novel GLP1 analogue, Liraglutide on microglial activation and cerebral glucose metabolism in mild Alzheimer's disease.
20111202-Edison-2011 Edison, Paul Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2011
Introducing high throughput gene expression measurement capacity at the Dementia Research Group Bristol
ART-EG2011A-1 Kehoe, Patrick Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
The impact of GLP-1 analogues on neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation in a model of Alzheimer’s disease: a two-pronged therapeutic approach
ART-NCG2011A-2 Holscher, Christian Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
Human pluripotent stem cell models of Alzheimer's disease pathology in Down syndrome
ART-PG2011-17 Livesey, Frederick Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
Alzheimer's disease and the auditory world: from symptoms to brain networks
ART-PhD2011-10 Warren, Jason Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
Investigating the effect of Fyn tyrosine kinase on intraneuronal trafficking of tau in models of Alzheimer’s disease
ART-PhD2011-15 Hanger, Diane Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
The role of the PPARgamma cofactors in Alzheimer's disease
ART-PhD2011-16 Sastre, Magdalena Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
Investigating attentional function and cognitive fluctuations in Lewy body dementia
ART-PhD2011-21 Taylor, John-Paul Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
O-GlcNAc as a strategy for the treatment of tauopathies
ART-PhD2011-7 Davies, Gideon Alzheimer's Research UK 2011
New concept for molecular imaging: tracing amyloid-beta in the postsynaptic neuron of the hippocampal slice
ART-SB2011A-1 Cho, Kei Alzheimer's Research UK 2011