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An integrated research project between the Stockholm memory clinics to increase knowledge about prognostic information, cognitive and physiological mechanisms, and diagnostic accuracy
EUJPND-Karolinska-Ekman-1399 Ekman, Urban Karolinska Institutet 2016
New biomarkers in early diagnosis and treatment of AD
EUJPND-SwedenFSR-Fratiglioni-1413 Fratiglioni, Laura Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research 2016
Understanding stroke, vascular dementia and cognitive aging through new techniques and models for assessment of cerebral blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Eklund-1441 Eklund, Anders Swedish Research Council 2016
Parkinson´s disease: evolution and mechanisms of disease progression in a community-based study population
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Forsgren-1449 Forsgren, Lars Swedish Research Council 2016
Development of new biomarkers and brain imaging techniques for Dementia and Parkinsonian disorders: key tools for exploring etiology to improve diagnosis and advance drug development
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Hansson-1457 Hansson, Oskar Swedish Research Council 2016
Diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative disease biomarkers based on robust optically signaling capture phases
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Sellergren-1497 Sellergren, Börje Swedish Research Council 2016
Subtle Change Detection and Quantification in Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging
EUJPND-SwedishRC-Strand-1503 Strand, Robin Swedish Research Council 2016
Early detection of dementia: finding the best combination of cognitive and non-cognitive markers of preclinical dementia
EUJPND-SwedenForte-Laukka-1524 Laukka, Erika Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare 2016
Alzheimers sjukdom – biomarkörer för molekylära mekanismer, diagnostik och theragnostik. Alzheimer's disease - biomarkers for molecular mechanisms, diagnostics and theragnostics
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Blennow-1544 Blennow, Kaj The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016
Novel biomarkers and brain imaging techniques for Alzheimer’s disease to improve early diagnosis and development of novel therapies
EUJPND-SwedBrainFound-Hansson-1550 Hansson, Oskar The Swedish Brain Foundation 2016