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Static and kinetic markers of the defining pathologies of Alzheimer disease
AACSF-20-685780 Paterson, Ross Alzheimer's Association 2020
Network analysis of biomarkers across AD, PD, FTD and ALS
ARUK-BAND2019-3 Claudia Manzoni Alzheimer's Research UK 2020
Enhanced imaging genetics of the human thalamus in frontotemporal dementia with novel segmentation tools integrating structural and diffusion MR
ARUK-IRG2019A-003 Juan Eugenio Iglesias Gonzalez Alzheimer's Research UK 2020
Brain Networks in People with Down syndrome: the effect of AD pathology
GBHI ALZ UK-20-641398 McGlinchey, Eimear Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)|Alzheimer's Association|Alzheimer's Society 2020
A multi-omic approach to elucidate novel disease mechanisms and biomarkers for psychosis in Alzheimer?s disease
5R01AG067015-02 LUNNON, KATIE NIA 2020
Using network analysis to understand why patients with small vessel disease suffer cognitive impairment.
ARUK-EXT2015B-1 (2015) Markus, Hugh Alzheimer's Research UK 2015
123I-MIBG Scintigraphy Utility as a biomarker for Prodromal DEmentia with Lewy Bodies (SUPErB)
ARUK-PG2015-13 Thomas, Alan Alzheimer's Research UK 2015
Testing a new diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies
ARUK-PPG2015A-1 Klenerman, David Alzheimer's Research UK 2015
Repressor Element 1-Silencing Transcription Factor (REST): A blood-based biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease linking molecular neuropathology with psychological stress
ARUK-PPG2015B-8 Killick, Richard Alzheimer's Research UK 2015
"Am I the right way up?" Investigating balance problems in posterior cortical atrophy
245 Crutch, Sebastian Alzheimer's Society UK 2015