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Combinatorial biomarkers for dementia prodromes, prediction, pathology and progression
ART-PG2010-4 (2013) Lovestone, Simon Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Using network analysis to understand why patients with small vessel disease suffer cognitive impairment.
ARUK-EXT2015B-1 Markus, Hugh Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Assessment of neuropathological changes associated with vascular dementia: validation of a consensus approach
ARUK-NCG2013A-3 Love, Seth Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
The utility of measuring plasma phosphorylated alpha-synuclein levels as a biomarker for Dementia with Lewy bodies
ARUK-NCG2013A-4 Allsop, David Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Hippocampal subregions in early Alzheimer's disease
ARUK-PPG2012B-3 Coulthard, Elizabeth Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Imaging copper trafficking in Alzheimer’s disease with PET: potential clinical applications
ARUK-PPG2013B-15 Blower, Philip Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Cortico-striatal contributions to symptomology in dementia: new targets for therapy
ARUK-PPG2013B-6 Hornberger, Michael Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Selective vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease – understanding changes in white matter connectivity of the visual system in Posterior Cortical Atrophy
ARUK-RF2013-5 Shakespeare, Tim Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Measuring, Tracking and Disentangling the Impact of White Matter Disease in AD and Mixed Disease: A Longitudinal MRI and CSF Study
ARUK-SRF2013-5 Barnes, Josephine Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Tau and beta-amyloid deposition, microhaemorrhage and brain function after traumatic brain injury in war veterans
13267002 Rowe, Christopher United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command 2013