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Discovery of common genetic interactions across neurodegenerative diseases
ARUK-BAND2019-1 Chad Myers Alzheimer's Research UK 2020
Ultrasensitive assays for tau and aSyn aggregates in AD and PD
ARUK-BAND2019-2 Allison Kraus Alzheimer's Research UK 2020
Network analysis of biomarkers across AD, PD, FTD and ALS
ARUK-BAND2019-3 Claudia Manzoni Alzheimer's Research UK 2020
Enhanced imaging genetics of the human thalamus in frontotemporal dementia with novel segmentation tools integrating structural and diffusion MR
ARUK-IRG2019A-003 Juan Eugenio Iglesias Gonzalez Alzheimer's Research UK 2020
Prediction of Cognitive Decline Following PostOperative Delirium – Follow Up Of An Observational Cohort Study With Genetic, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Biomarkers
ARUK-CRF2018C-001 Emma Cunningham Alzheimer's Research UK 2019
Stratified Medicine Strategies with an Inflammatory Signature Against Alzheimer’s Disease" (SMashIng-AD)
ARUK-PG2018C-009 Katie Lunnon Alzheimer's Research UK 2019
Understanding the Contributions of Multiple Pathologies to Dementia in the BDR Programme
ARUK-PhD2018-022 Alan Thomas Alzheimer's Research UK 2019
Detecting Alzheimer's Disease in the Retina-a Data Linkage and Machine Learning Approach
ARUK-FFS2018-01 Pearse Keane Alzheimer's Research UK 2018
Amyloid beta proteins as biomarkers of AMD: insights into common disease mechanisms in the senescent retina and brain
ARUK-FFS2018-02 J. Arjuna Ratnayaka Alzheimer's Research UK 2018
Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for dementia with Lewy bodies
ARUK-NAS2018A-001 Dag Aarsland Alzheimer's Research UK 2018