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Does a history of falls indicative of increased dementia risk?
14 05 Hsu, Chun Liang Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Affective processing in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia
14 14 Xia, Chenjie Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Resting-State Network Connectivity in Older Adults with Impaired Fasting Glucose and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
14 16 Meusel, Liesel-Ann Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Differentiating language symptoms and anatomical features in Alzheimer's disease and semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia
14 20 Brambati, Simona Maria Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Cognitive function and neuropsychological assessment in bilingual MCI and AD
14 23 Taler, Vanessa Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Ensuring High Quality Care for Canadians with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders: Developing Quality Assurance and Standardized Care Processes for Primary Care Memory Clinics
14 24 Heckman, George Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Characterization of Dementia due to mixed Alzheimer and Subcortical Vascular Pathology
14 33 HSIUNG, Ging-Yuek Robin Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Neural correlates of context memory in middle aged adults with vs. without a family history of late onset Alzheimer's Disease.
14 35 Rajah, Maria Alzheimer Society of Canada 2013
Combinatorial biomarkers for dementia prodromes, prediction, pathology and progression
ART-PG2010-4 (2013) Lovestone, Simon Alzheimer's Research UK 2013
Using network analysis to understand why patients with small vessel disease suffer cognitive impairment.
ARUK-EXT2015B-1 Markus, Hugh Alzheimer's Research UK 2013