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Prototype development for the Guided Neuropsychological Evaluation (G:NE - pronounced 'genie') system for the early detection and differential diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
280305-Blackwell-2008 Blackwell, Andrew Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2008
Validation of an internationally developed protocol to assess the distribution and severity of cerebral amyloid angiopathy in post-mortem brain
ART-NCG2008B-1 Chalmers, Katy Alzheimer's Research UK 2008
Using a panel of potential CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
ART-PG2008-3 Morgan, Kevin Alzheimer's Research UK 2008
Identification and evaluation of peripheral RNA biomarkers of early Alzheimer's disease for use in clinical trials
ART-PPG2008A-2 Hodges, Angela Alzheimer's Research UK 2008
An fMRI compatible visual perception test battery for demented patients
ART-PPG2008A-4 O'Brien, John Alzheimer's Research UK 2008
In search for new biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease using antibody-based proteomics
ART-PPG2008A-5 Mulder, Jan Alzheimer's Research UK 2008
Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and Mild cognitive impairment: A proteomic approach
ART-PPG2008B-4 Wilson, Kate Alzheimer's Research UK 2008
Evaluation of altered brain iron in Alzheimer’s disease as a diagnostic marker.
107 Collingwood, Joanna Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Is Ageing Changing? Health, healthy life and cognition across generations.
G0601022/1 Brayne, Carol United Kingdom - Medical Research Council 2008
Development of alpha-synuclein as a potential molecular marker for Parkinson s disease
G0601364/1 Allsop, David United Kingdom - Medical Research Council 2008