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Inflammatory Markers for Early Detection & Subtyping of Neurodegenerative & Mood Disorders
GC-201712-2014401 Upton, Meredith Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2018
Microvascular breakdown: At the core of plaque formation and neuronal pathology in Alzheimer’s disease
EUJPND-Mason-Cullen-269 Cullen, Karen M The Mason Foundation 2016
Restoring Neuroprotective Sphingosine 1-phosphate Signalling in Alzheimer's Disease
EUJPND-Mason-Don-270 Don, Anthony The Mason Foundation 2016
Investigating the utility of oxidative stress as a biomarker for cognitive decline and dementia: a longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging study in ‘at risk’ older adults and Alzheimer’s disease.
EUJPND-Mason-Duffy-272 Duffy, Shantel The Mason Foundation 2016
Identifying the functional link between cell adhesion and the cytoskeleton at synapses in Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-Mason-Fath-274 Fath, Thomas The Mason Foundation 2016
Understanding how vessel fragility contributes to Alzheimer’s disease
EUJPND-Mason-Johnstone-276 Johnstone, Dan The Mason Foundation 2016
Impact of genetics on the effect that modifiable lifestyle factors have on rates of change in Alzheimer's Disease
EUJPND-Mason-Laws-277 Laws, Simon The Mason Foundation 2016
Activating the immune system to treat Alzheimer's disease
EUJPND-Mason-Parker-278 Parker, Michael The Mason Foundation 2016
Integrative genomic approach to prioritize targets for drug discovery and development in Alzheimer's disease and aging-related cognitive decline
20131208-Pochet-2013 Pochet, Nathalie Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2013
Preclinical TDP43 Mouse Model
20110301-Perrin-2011 Perrin, Steve Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation 2011