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Disintegration of the cerebral matrisome: a central mechanism leading to small vessel disease and vascular cognitive impairment
332 Horsburgh, Karen Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Defining the onset of prion infection and neurodegeneration in individuals at risk of prion disease
341 Mok, Tze How Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Investigating calpain as a key mediator of Aβ-induced calcium dysregulation and synaptotoxicity in human neurons
343 Kurbatskaya, Ksenia Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Investigating C9orf72 Protein Ubiquitination, a Possible Drug Target for C9orf72-related Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration
344 De Vos, Kurt Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
A central role for dityrosine cross-linking in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases’
345 Serpell, Louise Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
An integrated neurovascular pathology score: prediction of cognitive and clinical outcome
381 Sudre, Carole Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Impact and characteristics of astrocytes in tau-related neurodegeneration
384 Spillantini, Maria Grazia Alzheimer's Society UK 2017
Elucidating neuronal mechanisms underlying memory deficits in Alzheimer’s disease using high density single unit recordings
272 Oren, Iris Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
Understanding how age-related changes in cell type composition in the brain contribute to Alzheimer’s disease: Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease affects different cell types in the brain
283 Soreq, Lilach Alzheimer's Society UK 2016
The genetic dissection of the pathogenesis of frontotemporal dementia
284 Ferrari, Raffaele Alzheimer's Society UK 2016