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Predicting neurodegeneration after traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal study of an environmental risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease
ARUK-CRF2017A-1 Neil Graham Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Identification of novel biofluid markers of TDP-43 pathology
ARUK-CRF2017B-2 Rachelle Shafei Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
NeuroChip analysis of the entire Brains for Dementia Research (BDR) resource of 2000 samples
ARUK-EXT2017A-1 Kevin Morgan Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
The molecular basis of the innate response to oligomers of beta amyloid and alpha synuclein
ARUK-EXT2017B-001 Clare Bryant Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Physiological, behaviorally relevant targets of amyloid beta sleep regulation in vivo
ARUK-IRG2016B-5 Jason Rihel Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Investigating HIF-1alpha as a treatment target for mitochondrial dysfunction in dementia
ARUK-IRG2017A-2 Joseph Bateman Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Role of Frontotemporal dementia-associated mutations of CHMP2B in regulation of synaptic function
ARUK-IRG2017A-5 Maria Inmaculada Gonzalez Gonzalez Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Ultrasound delivery of BACE1 inhibitors across the blood-brain barrier in a model of Alzheimer’s disease
ARUK-IRG2017A-7 James Choi Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Improving Neurotransmission through the Brain’s Memory Centres: A Pharmacogenetic Approach to Treating Dementia
ARUK-IRG2017B-4 Michael Craig Alzheimer's Research UK 2017
Network for the development, validation and implementation of new methods to measure vascular dysfunction in dementia
ARUK-NAS2016B-1 Seth Love Alzheimer's Research UK 2017