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Revealing new genes and pathways at the intersection of lipotoxic and genetic risk for Alzheimer's Disease
2021AGBS Greka, Anna, and Stevens, Beth Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Functional Basis For Novel Pkc Eta K56r Mutation In Alzheimer's Disease
2021AN Newton, Alexandra Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Interpreting Alzheimer's Disease-associated genetic variation at enhancer regions
2021AP Pfenning, Andreas Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Air pollution and AD risk interact with premature aging of neural stem cells
2021CFMB Finch, Caleb*, and Bonaguidi, Michael Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Protection against APOE4 with longevity-promoting interventions
2021CPCFBB Pike, Christian, Finch, Caleb*, and Benayoun, Berenice Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Toward developing high density lipoprotein enriched in apolipoprotein E as a potential biomarker and therapeutic targeting vascular contributions to Alzheimer's Disease
2021CW Wellington, Cheryl* Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Understanding the effect of apoE on tau-mediated neurodegeneration
2021DH Holtzman, David Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Effects of Cerebrovascular Insufficiency and Exercise on the AD Brain Vasculome
2021EL Lo, Eng Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Influence of Plaque Vicinity on Microglial and Astrocyte Gene Expression; Role of Human Tau and Trem2
2021FEJH Edwards, Frances, and Hardy, John Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021
Role of Microglia in Degradation and Trimming of Alzheimer’s Amyloid Beta
2021FM Maxfield, Frederick Cure Alzheimer's Fund 2021