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Mechanisms in C9orf72 LAS/FTLD and the search for therapeutic targets
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Boeynaems-313 Boeynaems, Steven KU Leuven 2016
In vivo study of the metabotropic glutamate receptor type 5 (mGluR5) in relation to adenosine signaling and neuroinflammation in experimental Parkinson’s disease
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Crabbé-314 Crabbé, Melissa KU Leuven 2016
Elucidation of the molecular effects of inhibition of LRRK2, a kinase involved in Parkinson's disease
EUJPND-KU Leuven-De Wit-315 De Wit, Tina KU Leuven 2016
Aggregation gatekeeper biology and its implications for recombinant protein production and misfolding disease
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Houben-316 Houben, Bert KU Leuven 2016
Master regulators in Parkinson’s Disease: PLA2G6 in lipid metabolism, mitochondria and synaptic transmission.
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Serguei-319 Serguei, Gontcharenko KU Leuven 2016
Onderzoek naar het pathologisch mechanisme en naar modificerende genen bij FUS-geïnduceerde amyotrofe laterale sclerose (ALS). Investigation of the pathological mechanism and to modifying genes at FUS-induced amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Steyaert-320 Steyaert, Jolien KU Leuven 2016
Can induced pluripotent stem cells from frontotemporal dementia be used to characterize mechanisms underlying progranulin haploinsufficiency mediated neurodegeneration?
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Terryn-322 Terryn, Joke KU Leuven 2016
Neuropeptiden in veroudering en neurodegeneratie. Neuropeptides in aging and neurodegeneration
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Van Bael-323 Van Bael, Sven KU Leuven 2016
De invloed van verouderingsprocessen op het regeneratief potentieel van de zebravisretina. The influence of aging processes on the regenerative potential of the zebrafish retina
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Van houcke-324 Van houcke, Jessie KU Leuven 2016
Autophagy at synapses: proteopathic stress and neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease
EUJPND-KU Leuven-Vandekerkhove-325 Vandekerkhove, Dirk KU Leuven 2016