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How does hyper-phosphorylated tau mediate breakdown of the microtubular cytoskeleton? Can this be prevented by endogenous and exogenous interventions? Does this protect against tau toxicity?
103 AMRITPAL, MUDHER Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Complement and its regulators as a biomarker set and guide to therapy in Alzheimer’s disease.
104 Paul, Morgan Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Evaluation of altered brain iron in Alzheimer’s disease as a diagnostic marker.
107 Collingwood, Joanna Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Functional Genetic Analysis: Mechanisms of Dementia in people with Down’s syndrome
112 Jones, Emma Alzheimer's Society UK 2008
Characterisation and biological activity of apolipoprotein-E fragments in human brain
AADRF-Elliott-2008 Elliott, David Dementia Australia Research Foundation 2008
Characterisation of Aβ Oligomers, for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
AADRF-Fodero-Tavoletti-2008 Fodero-Tavoletti, Michelle Dementia Australia Research Foundation 2008
An Accreditation and Quality Framework for Dementia Care in Acute Hospitals
AADRF-Martin-Khan-2008 Martin-Khan, Melinda Dementia Australia Research Foundation 2008
Measurement of early diagnostic markers in plasma of patients with preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease
AADRF-Poljak-2008 Poljak, Anne Dementia Australia Research Foundation 2008
Understanding the role of NMDA receptors and associated scaffold proteins in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease
AADRF-Proctor-2008 Proctor, Dustin Dementia Australia Research Foundation 2008
Delineating the role of the GXXXG motif in Alzheimer’s disease
AADRF-Vella-2008 Vella, Laura Dementia Australia Research Foundation 2008