Research Project History

Funding Agency/Organization Alzheimer's Association
Sub-Project Number None


Project Number FY FY Funding Amount Project Title PI / Project Leader Awardee Organization
AARG-NTF-21-846572 2021 $149999 Understanding the causes of spatial disorientation in Alzheimer's disease Omar Jamil Ahmed The Regents of the University of Michigan
AARG-NTF-21-847862 2021 $150000 A Bioinspired Nonviral Gene Therapy to Enhance TFEB-mediated Tau Clearance KiBum Lee Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
AARG-NTF-21-849066 2021 $150000 Locus coeruleus, pupillometry and pain in Alzheimer's disease Peter Drummond Murdoch University
AARG-NTF-21-849207 2021 $150000 Functions of microglial autophagy in neurogenesis of Alzheimer's disease chenran wang UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI
AARG-NTF-21-849529 2021 $150000 Multidimensional measurement in high field NMR capturing neurodevelopment Rita Schmidt WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE
AARG-NTF-21-847409 2021 $149999 Digital markers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Assaf Gottlieb The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
AARG-NTF-21-848627 2021 $147830 Robust and interpretable data-driven early detection of Alzheimer's Carlos Fernandez-Granda New York University
AARG-NTF-21-852418 2021 $150000 Universal Early Screening Via Deep Comorbidity Pattern Discovery Prof. ishanu Chattopadhyay The University of Chicago
AARG-NTF-21-851241 2021 $150000 Uncovering the pathway from social determinants of health to dementia Jean-Francois Trani Washington University in St. Louis Brown School (Archived)
AARG-NTF-21-852145 2021 $150000 Perturbation training for reducing falls in people with Alzheimer's disease Feng Yang GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY
AARG-NTF-21-846586 2021 $150000 Chlamydia pneumoniae infection accelerated Alzheimer's Disease Timothy Robert Crother CEDARS-SINAI MEDICAL CENTER
AARG-NTF-21-849265 2021 $149983 White matter: a target for lifestyle interventions to prevent dementia Agnieszka Z Burzynska Colorado State University
AARG-NTF-21-847540 2021 $120000 Preoperative sleep spindles and delirium in Alzheimer's Disease Maria Jose Bruzzone Giraldez UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
AARG-NTF-21-852299 2021 $150000 Curbing Alzheimer's Disease symptoms by robust circadian entrainment Ali Deniz Guler UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA
AARG-NTF-21-852843 2021 $149985 Identification of RNA-binding Protein Networks in Alzheimer's Disease Kimberly Raab-Graham WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES
AARG-NTF-21-848680 2021 $146985 UNC-45A uniquely contributes to AD pathology. Martina Bazzaro University of Minnesota, Twin Cities